I Talked Too Much

“But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart, and they defile the man.” – Matthew 15:18 KJV

A tainted heart does a lot of damage! Do you ever give thought to what has been coming out of your mouth as a child of God or as a person, saved or unsaved? We say so many things and often without thought – emotional babble! That’s got to change. Do you realize that your words have power? Have you ever told your child, “I’m going to knock your head off” knowing that you don’t mean it, but how does that impact the child? What have you said to your spouse in a heated moment that was just plain WRONG and then turn around and say I love you! We’ve got to watch what we say.

The Word of God tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue in Proverbs 18:21, and we hold on to that scripture with ease. However, we are not checking our hearts before the words get to our tongue. Today, our focus is not on what we are saying to others, but what we are speaking concerning ourselves. Why are you talking yourself out of fulfilling God’s purpose? The answer, in a nutshell, is, I’ve got unresolved issues that I don’t want to address, it’s too painful.

This part of my journey brings with it a need for deliverance and healing. You think that because no one is listening to what you’re saying that it has no impact, but you’re wrong. My words were seeds, and I was watching those seeds manifest in ways that were not beneficial or healthy. My broken heart, my anger, my hurting were surfacing as detrimental seeds to everyone around me. I thought that isolation from the world would help, it didn’t – it only took me further into my darkness and fueled me with more bitterness.

Do not let your mouth cause you to sin, and do not tell the priest, “It was a mistake!” Why make God angry at you so that he would destroy the work of your hands?” – Ecclesiastes 5: 6 KJV

*From My Reality Revealed, A Journey of Empowerment by Valerie Burrell

Grief is more than about Death

My place of solace

Could I be grieveing and unaware? That’s a question I hear often as a counselor and my general response before a weighty conversation is generally, yes. For many years before becoming a counselor, I only associated grief with death, and am now so thankful to have learned that I was wrong. Grief can be experienced from the loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, having to relocate, a medical diagnosis, and in this hour – from being isolated from those that you love and care for.

When people share that they have these symptoms: anger, anxiety, lonliness, panic, lack of energy, weight loss, denial, confusion, trouble concentrating, sleepless nights, and even appetite changes, what’s your first thought? You probably didn’t think of grief – first, but these are all normal symptoms of grief. I wanted to bring this to your attention with hopes that as a people, we become a bit more empathetic towards each other, not knowing what people are going through. Even if you’re experiencing some of these symptoms yourself, take time to come to terms with your emotions, your experience and your mindset. I want you healed. #griefismorethandeath #heal

Christians Have Issues Too!

As a Christian, early on, I was never encouraged to seek counseling for any challenges I was facing, just to make an appointment and talk to the Pastor. Well, what I learned painfully is that the conversation with the Pastor, became the conversation from the pulpit on Sunday morning. The feeling of guilt, embarrasement, and shame would join with the anxiety, depression or whatever else I was feeling from this one moment of going to the “WRONG” person for help.

It’s a sin problem, a flesh problem, you’re out of alignment problem – was always their response and it’s not truth. As believers, we have issues too! Today, if you’re one of those individuals who trusted your spiritual leader with your truth and got no resolution, know that you’re not alone and assistance is available to you. I want you to forgive yourself and forgive them, often they are too arrogant to admit that they don’t know what to do because they’re masking their own issues. Let’s free ourselves today and be honest with what’s taking place in our lives and seek the “RIGHT” kind of help to get the results that prepare us for greateness. #imachristianandihaveissuestoo

The Kingdom Advantage

What does it take for a person to be successful in what they’ve been called to do in the Kingdom? Are you thinking about it? Let me help you, it requires that we are operating not according to our plan, our budget or the needs of others, but that we are doing what we’ve been Called and Chosen to do by the Father! For many years, I struggled with accepting being chosen and called as an apostolic leader in the Kingdom, and then to be tasked with being a coach and counselor was mindblowing. I was so entrenched with the expectations of the “church”, that I never considered what the Father truly desired for my life.

I had a conversation with the Holy Spirit a few days ago, and He revealed some profound truth to me, establishing in my spirit that I was on the right track. As this blog is entitled, I have a Kingdom advantage, and if you’re a believer, you do too! Because we are empowered with the gift of the Holy Spirit within us, we are authorized to receive advantageous revelation in what we see, hear and know. Isn’t that great news!!! The Holy Spirit said that as an apostolic leader and prophet, my call has equipped me in the area of coaching, giving guidance and instruction to those seeking it. I aid them using a Word of Knowledge or a Word of Wisdom, to execute their next in life. He also revealed that because the whole gift package is within us, that when I’m operating as a counselor, the gift of the pastor and teacher arises, utilizing the knowledge and skill set that I have to walk alongside them to overcome past and current struggles. Understanding what God requires of us and how to manage Kingdom principles on purpose, in purpose has so many benefits.

Today, I want to EMPOWER you with this truth, if you’re a believer, recieve this – YOU HAVE A KINGDOM ADVANTAGE. Now if you’re not sure, or you’re seeking someone to aid you in your journey, find someone with a Kingdom Advantage, you will reap the benefits!

Be Empowered today, and after you’ve been Empowered, take the responsibility to Empower Others!

Coach Versus Counselor

With a growing need for coaches and counselors in this hour, many people question the difference in the two and whether having one is sufficient. Today, I’m going to share with you what I’ve discovered about the differences, as I serve in the capacity of “coach” to some, and “counselor” to others; and some are excited that they get the whole package!

When questioned by a coaching client, “Coach, what should I do?”, my response would generally be, “What’s your desired outcome, and are you implementing the plan to get there?”. If asked that same question by my counseling client, my response would be, “What’s taking place in your life right now that’s presenting as a challenge, and what aspects of your life are being affected by this?”. Did you see a difference in the responses? As a coach, my desire is to present tools to you, aiding you to get to a specific goal, while as your counselor, my role is to aid you in actually solving your life challenges, walking alongside you through the journey to wholeness.

I enjoy my Kingdom assignemnt of being a coach and counselor, as I know that I’ve been empowered for this! My educational and training regiments for these assignments, ,along with my minstry call, has positioned me to fuel my clients with “greater truth”, whether they are implementing strategies or coping with a loss. As your coach or counselor, it would be my desire to be that aid to you as well.

Are there any area in your life that need tweeking, or challenges in your life that are causing discomfort, anxiety, depression or other symptoms? Don’t struggle alone, there is opportunity for change available, when you’re ready.

Let’s start the Journey!

Why Do I Need a Coach?

Why do i need a Coach? I used to ask this question often. I would listen to individuals who were investing in themselves by seeing a coach or counselor and felt that it was unnecessary. I was sadly mistaken. After going through some rather challening life situations of my own, I began to see the significance of this needed service. Everyone needs a coach or counselor at one point in thier lives, but it’s up to the individual to embrace that their is a need and do something about it.

Are you experiencing any of these signs: feeling lost, doubting yourself, vision without a clear plan, relationship is on the rocks, problems coping with others, stressed, feeling as though you have no purpose? These are just a few symptoms that utilizing the expertise of a Coach or Counselor would prove beneficial, and I’m here to assist.

Don’t put it off any longer, stop pondering over the question and let’s take action! Tomorrow, I will share with you the difference between a Coach and a Counselor, don’t miss it!