Dr. Valerie Burrell, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Valerie Burrell is passionate about creating an atmosphere for change in the lives of those she encounters!  In 2012, God spoke to her regarding the many traumas she’s experienced in life, letting her know that she was equipped to initiate change in others through the use of God’s word and transparency.  It was then that she began the work, aiding those who have been physically, emotionally, and spiritually abused, and discovered her purpose as a Counselor.

Valerie is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and Certified Temperament Counselor. Valerie enjoys serving as an Empowerment Coach, Temperament Counselor, Marriage/Relationship Counselor, Mentor, and Character Coach for both Bluefield University and Bluefield State University. Valerie is also a published author and international speaker. She has an MS in Human Behavior, MBA, and her Doctorate in Christian Counseling. Valerie was recently awarded the 2022-2023 Herman Robinson Character Coach Award by Nations of Coaches.

As she continues her journey of empowerment in West Virginia,  lives are being impacted through kingdom teachings and counseling.  Valerie is the wife of Benny Burrell. They are parents to six adult children and 11 grandchildren.


My name is Shante Ladson. I’ve been a client of Valerie Burrell’s for a little over 1 year. Coach Val’s techniques and approaches are amazing. She has not only shown me how to keep my marriage healthy, but she’s also taught me ways to heal from my past traumas. She listens, and she is totally 100% for you. The books and homework you receive can be life-changing if utilized correctly.

Therapy is hard, and it uncovers so many things. Most things you want to hide from, but Coach Val helps you find yourself and the truth. I’m headed to being a better me and I don’t think I would have made it this far without her help. I highly recommend her services to any individual seeking counseling services.

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