Let’s D.I.P. – The Experience

We are back – by popular demand for another segment of Let’s D.I.P. Our topic for the next four weeks is – Defining My Individual Purpose. Join us for a time of revelation, impartation and life work.


Understanding Your Inborn Characteristics

Make an investment in your fture by understanding your temperament; empowering you to move through life – overcoming the obstacles. Self-Empowerment is so important to me that I’m offering the APS assessment and an empowerment coaching session for ONLY $100 ($150 value). Unlock your Super-Power and thrive!


Empowerment Coaching Session

50 minute session virtual session Schedule your session at


Individual Counseling Session

50 minute session virtual session Schedule your session at


Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling Session

50 minute virtual sessions Schedule your session at


Family Counseling Session

60 minute virtual sessions Schedule your session at


Group Collaborative – We’re In This Together

This group setting is for people, who will together come to terms with life challenges or hindrances, and collectively bringing into alignment those tools needed to move forward in purpose. This group collaborative is excellent for businesses, groups, teams and families. A 120 minute virtual sessions and life work


The Love Journey

This 6-week intensive will include a temperament assessment; six couple sessions; one private individual session; and life work. We will look at the stages of weeding and seeding, nuturing, pruning, blooming and the harvest of your relationship. This program is for ALL couples. Schedule your first session at


Private Coaching – From Potential to Purpose

This 12-week package which will include a Temperament Assessment, life strategy tools, coaching, and individual work. This program is designed for that person who is ready to tranform from ordinary to extraordinary, and unlock your potential. Please complete the contact form to set up an introductory consult session.


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