I Am His Daughter – The Need of a Father’s Love

In the pages of this book, we share our accounts with hopes to encourage someone else who may have an estranged relationship with their father. If you’re in that position, please release your thoughts and emotions to start your healing process. What God has done for us is a marvelous thing, and He can do the same thing for you as well.


The Couples Conversation – 31 Day Devotional

ORDER your copy of this couples devotional today. Inside these pages, you’ll find relevant engagement that you and your spouse can use to grow stronger in your marriage.


I’m Ready to ROAR – Book and Workbook Combo

I’m Ready to ROAR, is the follow-up to Hear Me ROAR. In this book you will find tools to aid you in releasing your assigned resolve. Contributing authors include Torre Adams, Linda Brown, Sharon Goshen, Kendal Harris, Ivy Stiltner and Nina Williams


Let’s D.I.P.

Order your autographed copy of Let’s D.I.P., Discovering, Defining, and Developing Individual Purpose. The cost includes Shipping


My Reality Revealed, A Journey of Empowerment

This devotionnal is designed to empower you with practical and relevant biblical insight that was given to me, as I was becoming, according to God’s plan. Each reading will reflect on an experience that aided in my realignmint for my life.


The Seeds I’ve Sown

What I’ve learned in life is that whatever you do to others, will certainly come back to you in one form or another. This book reveals my relationship journey, which can aid you in your current or forthcoming relationship.


Hear Me Roar: Kingdom Women Releasing Their Sound

In these pages, you will read the accounts of a few phenomenal Kingdom leaders in different spheres of influence who have overcome challenges and afflictions in pursuit of purpose and succeeded. Be Empowered by their stories.


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