It’s Bigger Than You

They Matter Too

“On May 16th, 2022, Irene Ngobi led us to Namutumba, deep down in the village about 84km outside of Jinja town, to reach out to the teenage mothers who were devasted with life. Most of these teenage mothers are between ages 13 and 17. They dropped out of school for several reasons, one being a lack of school fees and a result of being idle in the most recent long lockdown brought by the Corona Virus pandemic. Secondly, these girls dropped out of school due to the poor conditions in their families; some of them live with single mothers who cannot afford to provide them with school fees or fend for themselves for food. So the quick solution for them was to conceive with boyfriends who could not even care for them but abandon them with the pregnancy.

Most of these young girls feel hopeless, with no destiny. Irene, a nurse, and midwife and one of the medical personnel we work with when we have medical camps in the villages, counseled these teenage mothers, and so did Stephanie and Valerie. We shared the love of Jesus with the teenage mothers. We encouraged them to have hope in Jesus. We wanted them to know that they matter and have a bright future ahead. Sylvia invited those who wished to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior; alas, we were overwhelmed at the number of girls accepting to be born again.” (Next Generation Ministries)

I’ve shared a portion of our mission report as a testimony of the possibilities that can become realities when you are intentional. Know that your assignment is often BIGGER than you thought!

The Believer’s Authority

It’s apparent that many people today have fallen victim to circumstances and situations, and forgotten that they have AUTHORITY! This video segment from “Spiritual Breakfast” with guest, Dr. Sherry Woodhouse, discusses our power and authority to overcome.


With so much changing in our society today, it’s hard to imagine the concept of consistency. As challenging as it may seem, this is a season where being consistent in pursuing purpose is paramount. What does it mean to be consistent? According to Oxford Languages, it’s defined as, “acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate; unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time.” So you may be asking, “Valerie, how does that apply to my journey?” I’m so glad you asked!

It is necessary that we be CONSISTENT in our conversation, actions, mindset and exchanges. We often talk a faith talk, but reluctant to take the faith walk. Our mind causes us to minimize our vision based on the seeds planted by outsiders. Our treatment of people, based on race, creed, color, gender, social status and all that other stuff we deem essential (and it’s not), can utterly cause doors to be shut to us because of inconsistent treatment of people. Please know that this message affects me too – I’ve got some growing to do, but hear me clear – we must value our truth, understand our purpose and stay on the designated course.

If you desire to be a high performer in sports or on your job, you put in the work – learning and practicing consistently. We need that same drive when moving towards purpose – consistently educating ourselves, remaining humble and teachable, and staying focused on the greatness ahead. Empower yourself with this thought and hold on to it – it’s time to be CONSISTENT in pursuit of purpose!


by Nina Williams

Not because I had no voice

Not because I couldn’t hold a conversation

Not because I was shy,

I didn’t know that I had purpose.

I didn’t’ know that the Holy Spirit resided in me,

I didn’t understand that God had a plan for my life.

But oh, how things have changed!

I am walking towards greater,

I am walking with a purpose,

I am a child of God, and I have a story

I am ready to Roar

You begin to open your mouth

Words come out, yet they look at you sideways.

Perplexed….confused by the reception

And you wonder why?

Is there something in my teeth?

Is there a hole in my dress?

Did I say or do something wrong?

The truth was released, and they weren’t ready,

What sound are you making?

Where did that come from?

Who taught you, Kingdom?

Do the Kingdom’s message and purpose seem so different?

To the untrained believer….it does!

My sound is Kingdom

My knowledge is Kingdom

My resolve is Kingdom

My ROAR is found in the love of God.

taken from the book “I’m Ready to Roar” published in 2019

Women’s History Month

Flavor News’ Worldwide Extraordinary Women

What an honor to be amongst these phenomenal worldwide women! Someone asked me, “How did you get on that list?”. I almost took offense but then began to chuckle as I responded, “I’m good like that!” ☺️ The truth is, I was honored to be on this list because I showed up!

This issue focuses on being a positive role model for our teens and tweens, which are being exploited through their own innocence and misunderstanding what love is. In my youth, I was one of those who looked for love in the wrong places during, due to abuse. I thank God, I was able broke free from that bondage, and would have loved to have a role model to mentor me, but I didn’t. I suffered in silence for many years, seeking answers, with no one to ask.

We are going to partner and make a difference, and if you’re interested in being a part of the effort, please do. We are stronger together!

Where Is Home?

There is a quote that says, “Home is Where the Heart is” but based on many relationships I’m seeing, I’m not sure where home is. Home is defined by Oxford Language, “as a place one lives, an institution for people needing professional care, or aimed toward with great accuracy”. What I’m seeing as the new definition of “home” is far different. Home has become the job, the casino, the bar, or the game. People are spending more and more time away from the place where they should dwell together as a family unit, and spending more time in places that often become hindrances instead of benefits.

Is our home and family time still important to our society? Are we valuing that time around the dinner table, movie night, or family talks? Is your marriage still filled with pillow talks, and date nights; or has the fire gone out? Today, I would that you take a moment and recognize where you’re spending your time, and what you’re doing with it. Our marriages are in trouble, our children are going astray, the family fabric is unraveling at an alarming rate – and we need to change that.

Now for some of you, you’re saying Valerie, I’d rather be away from the toxic living arrangement that I currently have – those places are my safe haven. I get that, but let me suggest to you that you find an alternative space where you’re able to experience safety, security, and peace away from outside stimulus. Find a place where you can heal.

Today, I’m making a conscious effort to make my home, “HOME” again, and I pray that each of you will do the same.

It’s TIME!

What an amazing week this has been! I officially opened my counseling practice this week, and I’ve had overwhelming support. It’s amazing how you can envision a thing for so long, and then it hits you that – It’s TIME! I want to thank all of you who stopped by the office, sent notes and gifts and have scheduled your appointments virtually and in person. It’s Time for change, and we are going to put in the work to make it happen. Below, find a few photos of the experience.

Chamber of Commerce was present for the ribbon cutting
My husband Benny, one of my biggest supporters
Support from Bluefield University Men’s Basketball Team

Can I Get a Refill

Greetings to each of you! I am hopeful that you’re having a purposeful day, with plans for an intentional future. Today, I’m sharing my personal lament! I need a REFILL! I know someone is saying, “Valerie, you’re not alone”, while others may be chuckling at the thought. Trust me, it doesn’t matter what side of the coin you’re on, this is real.

As a counselor and leader, I’ve discovered over the past few weeks that I needed to see my counselor too. I had worked myself empty emotionally and mentally. I was a mess! One might ask, “Valerie, what was the issue?”, good question. What I discovered is I had isolated myself as a coping mechanism in the grief process. I was “staying busy” with tasks not assignments. I wasn’t sleeping properly, eating properly, and operating often as if I were an island. I needed a refill.

I sought help, I talked loud, I prayed, and I listened and came to terms with my emptiness, and got what I needed. Have you ever found yourself in this place? Knowing that something is missing, yet you don’t pause to assess and realign. Let me encourage you to change that behavior. Suppressing our emotions is often a fuel to feed anxiety and depression, and we don’t want that. We should all desire to live a life as free and intentional as possible. I got my refill with aid from my trusted circle and want to extend to those who may be hurting, an opportunity for you to get your refill too.

Let’s prepare for the new year with a new mindset concerning self-care and self-worth. Let’s move forward with understanding our emotional intelligence. Let’s decide today that we are WORTH whatever it takes to get what’s needed for our best lives, and championing our efforts like never before. If you need a refill, I’ve got some fuel!

Reality Check

Who am I?  Have you ever asked yourself that question? I hope I’m not the only one.  I know who I am honestly, but these last few days have prompted me to have another Reality Check.  I had a self-love conversation with myself, and the first question was, “What if…..?”. That question triggered thoughts of inadequacy and disappointment, but I got myself together and re-aligned the conversation.  Now please don’t think that I was coming down on myself with this reality check, because I wasn’t.  I used this moment to fuel me for moving forward.

I have dealt with the realities of trauma, hardship, and vision; mine and those close to me, and I recognize that I have done much, but I have so much more to do. You see, I’m one of those people who pours into others daily, longing for a reciprocated exchange.  I’m so used to never saying no. – but that’s got to change. Knowing who I am, requires that I maximize my worth and stop sliding to the background.  I am a woman of purpose, and I’m making an impact – my reality check spoke loudly that it’s time for change.

My marriage, my family, my ministry, and my business are an expression of my truth – and my truth requires an upgrade.  Family, I don’t know what your reality is presenting right now, but I’d like to encourage you to check yourself.  Make sure that you’re consistently adding value to your life, that your priorities are in check and your vision is clear.  We often get weighted down by the complacency of life, but that needs to change.  You are powerful!  You are impactful! You are worthy! Today, be brave enough to take that reality check and govern yourself accordingly.

Why Is This Happening to Us?

Photo by Alex Green on

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you’ve lost yourself? Do you ever feel that being in your marriage has taken your voice away? Well, I’ve dropped by today to remind you that your marriage matters, even when these moments surface.

When you feel silenced or lost in your marriage, I wonder if you’re falling prey to the enemy’s tactics or holding fast to God’s promises? When I’ve felt isolated and unimportant in my previous relationships, I discovered that I WAS a big part of the problem. When you’re not making an effort to engage and communicate daily, it will cause you to want to distance yourself from your spouse. The constant distancing will, in turn, cause you to seek engagement in other people. (that’s a NO-NO!)

Marriage is a covenant relationship with God first, and then each other. People enter into marriage with “pie in the sky” expectations, not investing in counseling for guidance, insight, or strategy, with the thought that we’ll be happy every day and it will be problem-free. Wake up, marriages have moments of turmoil, pain, and change, but you can make it through all of that – I’m a witness. Today, know that whatever you’re feeling in your marriage that seems beyond repair, don’t give up just yet.

If you’re married, do me a favor and contact your spouse, remind them how much they mean to you. Remind yourself that where you are today, is not where you’re always been. Your marriage matters and things can change if you put in the work. 🙂