BEGIN Today!

You, yes, YOU, are equipped to succeed! In my journey of becoming, I realized that instead of moving forward as I was led to do, I was always waiting for someone to support me or validate me – which generally left me stuck.

I took the time to review my path, make the needed re-alignment, and embraced a renewed mindset in my life, marriage, ministry, and business; an exponential increase happened suddenly! What I experienced can happen for YOU as well. 

Today, we are no longer waiting for the “right” moment or the “right” supporters; we are going to move forward and live on purpose!  The wait is over; BEGIN Today!

Silence the Noise of Doubt

Who is making that DOUBT Noise? Whoever it is, even if it’s you, it’s time to silence it. Ask yourself this question, “Is the doubt realistic, or is it emotional?” What we often fail to see is that doubt can be silenced, simply by acting. That’s right – just put action to your thought or idea, and watch doubt disappear.

Family, we have overcome some challenges but it’s not over. You have the ability and strength to overcome – garner you thoughts, claarify your vision, and put it in to action. Today, let’s take back our authority and silence the noise of doubt.

My Money, Time and Beliefs

What do those three things in the title have in common? They are all excuses we use when being approached about making a decision; they are barriers and limitations. I can’t do that because I don’t have enough money, I don’t have the time, and I don’t believe that it’s going to help me. Sound familiar? Listen to this video and be Empowered!

Imagine and LIVE!

Do you still imagine? Merriam-Webster defines it as” to form a mental image of (something not present)” as a transitive verb. Imagining requires our ability to think and see. What are you thinking? Does it enable you to visualize a successful and prosperous future, or does what you see limit you?

Today, remind yourself that you’re a winner.  Remove your life’s limits based on what you see in the natural and begin to imagine what you desire.  Once you imagine it, start writing the vision and preparing the strategy for manifestation. Become intentional about what you’ve imagined and become active in purpose.  IMAGINE and get ready to navigate and strategize a purpose that will get you to the life you desire.

Barriers to Success

2020 is proving to be a beast of a year!  Many people and businesses are experiencing tremendous loss due to COVID-19.   Now, don’t get me wrong, I am personally aware of the effects of the virus and the toll that it’s taken on my family and me, but I can’t lay all the blame on the virus.

Did we become overly consumed with finding loopholes and opportunities to navigate this pandemic, or did we look within to discover strategies to move forward?  I believe that those who focused more on the handouts are suffering more than those who decided to make the most of a seemingly “bad” situation.  Many allowed media to feed their unconscious mind, govern our behavior, and create barriers to success. 

Today, I want you to take a moment and think for yourself!  Why are you not succeeding in your life, marriage, family, business, school – whatever the situation?  What’s keeping you from success?  The answer is you.  Your mindset could be the very thing causing the self-sabotage you’re experiencing. 

Today, tear down the barrier of defeat and erect the mindset of success.  Remember that you have the power to overcome anything you can conceptualize!  If you can see it, you can obtain it – trust that!  It’s time for a change in your life, and I want you to know that you are the key to making it happen. 

Success is waiting for you; tear down the barriers and make it happen!

Don’t Give Up

Today, you may be questioning if things are going to get better? I say, “YES, they will”! Having endurance, patience, and vision are essential components for succes in this hour – and you have the capacity to make it happen. If there are some adjustments that need to take place, make the adjustment. If there are some things you need to let go of, let it go! If there are some relationships that may be hindering your movement, do the responsible thing and redefine them. I believe that this is YOUR SEASON TO WIN, so don’t give up!