Obedience Pays

As a Counselor and Coach, there have been times that I wasn’t sure if I was making an impact in my community, but the last few weeks have proven me wrong. Nations of Coaches awarded me the 2023 Herman Robinson Character Coach Award for my excellent service. Along with serving the men’s and women’s basketballContinue reading “Obedience Pays”

The Kingdom Advantage

What does it take for a person to be successful in what they’ve been called to do in the Kingdom? Are you thinking about it? Let me help you, it requires that we are operating not according to our plan, our budget or the needs of others, but that we are doing what we’ve beenContinue reading “The Kingdom Advantage”

Why Do I Need a Coach?

Why do i need a Coach? I used to ask this question often. I would listen to individuals who were investing in themselves by seeing a coach or counselor and felt that it was unnecessary. I was sadly mistaken. After going through some rather challening life situations of my own, I began to see theContinue reading “Why Do I Need a Coach?”