The Kingdom Advantage

What does it take for a person to be successful in what they’ve been called to do in the Kingdom? Are you thinking about it? Let me help you, it requires that we are operating not according to our plan, our budget or the needs of others, but that we are doing what we’ve been Called and Chosen to do by the Father! For many years, I struggled with accepting being chosen and called as an apostolic leader in the Kingdom, and then to be tasked with being a coach and counselor was mindblowing. I was so entrenched with the expectations of the “church”, that I never considered what the Father truly desired for my life.

I had a conversation with the Holy Spirit a few days ago, and He revealed some profound truth to me, establishing in my spirit that I was on the right track. As this blog is entitled, I have a Kingdom advantage, and if you’re a believer, you do too! Because we are empowered with the gift of the Holy Spirit within us, we are authorized to receive advantageous revelation in what we see, hear and know. Isn’t that great news!!! The Holy Spirit said that as an apostolic leader and prophet, my call has equipped me in the area of coaching, giving guidance and instruction to those seeking it. I aid them using a Word of Knowledge or a Word of Wisdom, to execute their next in life. He also revealed that because the whole gift package is within us, that when I’m operating as a counselor, the gift of the pastor and teacher arises, utilizing the knowledge and skill set that I have to walk alongside them to overcome past and current struggles. Understanding what God requires of us and how to manage Kingdom principles on purpose, in purpose has so many benefits.

Today, I want to EMPOWER you with this truth, if you’re a believer, recieve this – YOU HAVE A KINGDOM ADVANTAGE. Now if you’re not sure, or you’re seeking someone to aid you in your journey, find someone with a Kingdom Advantage, you will reap the benefits!

Be Empowered today, and after you’ve been Empowered, take the responsibility to Empower Others!

Published by Valerie Burrell, Coach & Counselor

As a Coach and Counselor, I'm excited to aid you in getting all that life has for you according to God's plan. I am Empowered to Empower Others!

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