by Nina Williams

Not because I had no voice

Not because I couldn’t hold a conversation

Not because I was shy,

I didn’t know that I had purpose.

I didn’t’ know that the Holy Spirit resided in me,

I didn’t understand that God had a plan for my life.

But oh, how things have changed!

I am walking towards greater,

I am walking with a purpose,

I am a child of God, and I have a story

I am ready to Roar

You begin to open your mouth

Words come out, yet they look at you sideways.

Perplexed….confused by the reception

And you wonder why?

Is there something in my teeth?

Is there a hole in my dress?

Did I say or do something wrong?

The truth was released, and they weren’t ready,

What sound are you making?

Where did that come from?

Who taught you, Kingdom?

Do the Kingdom’s message and purpose seem so different?

To the untrained believer….it does!

My sound is Kingdom

My knowledge is Kingdom

My resolve is Kingdom

My ROAR is found in the love of God.

taken from the book “I’m Ready to Roar” published in 2019

Published by Valerie Burrell, Coach & Counselor

As a Coach and Counselor, I'm excited to aid you in getting all that life has for you according to God's plan. I am Empowered to Empower Others!

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