It’s a New Season

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease. (Genesis 8:22)

Welcome to a New Season! Many, like me, are excited to welcome the Fall, as it’s a time of vibrant color, changing scenarios, releasing, reaping, and planning. Spiritually speaking, Fall represents the harvest time of year. It’s a time to acknowledge growth and expansion with great anticipation.

We all know that our lives go through cycles of growth, and it doesn’t happen without seedtime and harvest. As Genesis 8:22 declares, these seasons will not cease! I particularly enjoy this season because I tend to do more self-reflection this time of year. Life is so fast and furious during the summer, as we desire to make time for family, vacations, and little time for ourselves, but when the Fall comes, we slow down and reflect on what took place, how we were affected, and plan for necessary adjustments.

It’s a New Season, and I’m ready for it! What about you? I want you to consider taking these steps during this harvest season to determine what your expectations should be.

  • Have you planted the appropriate seeds during seed time? (Whatsoever you sow, you reap)
  • Did you plant seeds in the right type of soil?
  • Are you speaking the right things (Life and death are in the power of the tongue)
  • Have you compromised YOUR seeds, becoming the hybrid of someone else’s dream?
  • What are you expecting in this new season?

My prayer for you is that this HARVEST season is one of abundant blessings in every area of your life. That this new season aids you in preparing the right seeds(mindset and words) for future harvests. Embrace the crisp air, the falling leaves, and the changes that are taking place in your life, and enjoy this New Season!

Published by Valerie Burrell, Coach & Counselor

As a Coach and Counselor, I'm excited to aid you in getting all that life has for you according to God's plan. I am Empowered to Empower Others!

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