Ready, Set, Succeed!

Great morning! I don’t need to say a lot to you this morning, as the message is pretty self explanatory. Today, get yourself READY, SET, and SUCCEED!

There is no one else that wants you to succeed more than I do. I know you’re saying, “Valerie, you don’t even know me”, and that may be true but it doesn’t change my position concerning your purpose in the earth. There is greatness inside of you that you need to tap into. There are strategies and solutions that you’ve not activated! My friend, today, find that fire within and start in your pursuit of greatness, it’s waiting for you.


Don’t STOP!

What have you told yourself about your purpose today? Have you even had that conversation? Today, like no other day, is the day of manifestation! Go ahead and tell yourself, “TODAY I WILL EXPERIENCE MANIFESTATION”, and it will happen because today, you’re not going to STOP.

Life throws many opportunites our way, I know it does, but we have the power within to overcome every obstacle. Your mindset will set the path; your emotions will present the detours; your conversation will often lead you to a dead end – and still we DON’T STOP!

No matter how slow the steps may be, or the opportunities for change that present – DON’T STOP!


BEGIN Today!

You, yes, YOU, are equipped to succeed! In my journey of becoming, I realized that instead of moving forward as I was led to do, I was always waiting for someone to support me or validate me – which generally left me stuck.

I took the time to review my path, make the needed re-alignment, and embraced a renewed mindset in my life, marriage, ministry, and business; an exponential increase happened suddenly! What I experienced can happen for YOU as well. 

Today, we are no longer waiting for the “right” moment or the “right” supporters; we are going to move forward and live on purpose!  The wait is over; BEGIN Today!

Get Rid of the Baggage

Happy New Year Family! It’s a new day, new month, and a NEW YEAR for us to embrace our PURPOSE. I want to encourage you to let go of the baggage you’ve brought into this new year NOW! Here is a video to empower you on the journey!

Silence the Noise of Doubt

Who is making that DOUBT Noise? Whoever it is, even if it’s you, it’s time to silence it. Ask yourself this question, “Is the doubt realistic, or is it emotional?” What we often fail to see is that doubt can be silenced, simply by acting. That’s right – just put action to your thought or idea, and watch doubt disappear.

Family, we have overcome some challenges but it’s not over. You have the ability and strength to overcome – garner you thoughts, claarify your vision, and put it in to action. Today, let’s take back our authority and silence the noise of doubt.

My Money, Time and Beliefs

What do those three things in the title have in common? They are all excuses we use when being approached about making a decision; they are barriers and limitations. I can’t do that because I don’t have enough money, I don’t have the time, and I don’t believe that it’s going to help me. Sound familiar? Listen to this video and be Empowered!