I’m Blooming NOW

Generally blooms on a tree or bush come forth simultaneously – my blooms are coming forth NOW! I used to be like many others, waiting for the crowd before moving, and often my timing was on a completely different cycle. I want to encourage you today; when it’s time for you to BLOOM – go ahead and Bloom!

There is notthing worse than missing a major opportunity to fulfill a Kingdom assignment, and it’s happened to me more times than I’d like to admit – but no more. My time of transformation is NOW, and for someone reading this, it’s your time too!

Why Aren’t You Dominating in Your Sphere of Influence?

Do you believe in yourself? Not just that surface belief, but that deep-down belief, where no one can make you change your mind about your worth?  I had a conversation with a few powerful women the other night about their roles in the Kingdom and asked a simple question, “Are you dominating in your sphere of influence?” First, let me clarify a few things.  According to the original intent attached to your life, the dominance we are speaking of is to operate in high-level execution – not being in a position to lord over people.   Of course, a more in-depth conversation ensued as we defined what dominance was to each of us and how we see it manifest.  

We reached a consensus; dominance is an internal emotion that will result in the manifestation of our beliefs concerning ourselves when putting action to that emotion.  It would help someone if you pause right here because you thought dominance was only about your ability to overthrow or overtake someone physically, but it’s so much more.

I shared the analogy of a sports game.  It’s predicted that there will be some upsets during March Madness this season.  How will this happen?  My thoughts are that the expected winners will lose because the “underdog” will tap into their beliefs – recognizing that they can win, no matter who the opponent is.  That’s a powerful thought!  Here’s the truth, we don’t win when we are our opponent. 

So let’s go back to the initial question, “Do You believe in yourself?”. When you believe in yourself and utilize the power and authority within you, my friend can dominate your sphere of influence and every aspect of your life. The law of belief lets us know that it becomes our reality when we believe and feel a thing long enough.  If you’re ready to dominate, here are a few things to consider:

  • Dismiss the expectations of others
  • Change your perspective of limitations
  • Know that you are impactful
  • Remember that you’re leading – whether you have the title or not
  • You can’t give up

If you want to dominate in life, believe in yourself – it can happen!

Owning It!

Are you on track with your goals for 2021 I know that we can share regarding the many challenges this year has brought with it, but we’ve got to be willing to “OWN IT” for those things which were in our bailiwick to fulfill. Own IT is defined as, “taking responsiblity to what you’ve done; being accountable for your actions. Now, let’s address this a different way. What goals could you have been completed already, that you haven’t? I don’t want you to beat yourself up about not getting things done, I only want you to be aware that you could have possibly done more than you completed.

I’ll be honest, there are some things that I should have and could have completed that I didn’t. I gave attention to things for others instead of taking care of my own obligations. I wasn’t accountable to my endeavors, I made my goals secondary. Did this happen to anyone else? I challenge you this day to take an inventory of all that you’ve planned and if you’re not in alignment, readjust, OWN it, and get it done!

Are You Self-Aware?

This month, I have been educating a group on Emotional Intelligence, and our focus this evening was Self-Awareness. They shared that this topic should seemingly be easy, as their emotions were intact.  We were all ready for the new discussion until I asked them to consider this thought, “Consciousness and Self-Awareness go hand in hand.”

I asked them to consider that to be self-aware, you must be awake, discerning, monitoring, and analyzing what you’re feeling, what’s going on around you and how others’ behavior impacts you.  That was a “WOW” moment for each of us!  We all felt that we’d been doing a great job in our emotional awareness, only to discover that we were unconscious in some areas of our lives.

Are you self-aware, or are you, like many others, compartmentalizing certain areas of your life that include trauma or rejection?  Are you brave enough to confront every emotion that surfaces, choosing not to allow them to dictate your path but rather your ability to control override?  Are you content with being emotionally unconscious? 

I hope you could consider these questions and come to a resolve in your life, because in these times, our EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE matters, like never before.  

Ready, Set, Succeed!

Great morning! I don’t need to say a lot to you this morning, as the message is pretty self explanatory. Today, get yourself READY, SET, and SUCCEED!

There is no one else that wants you to succeed more than I do. I know you’re saying, “Valerie, you don’t even know me”, and that may be true but it doesn’t change my position concerning your purpose in the earth. There is greatness inside of you that you need to tap into. There are strategies and solutions that you’ve not activated! My friend, today, find that fire within and start in your pursuit of greatness, it’s waiting for you.


Don’t STOP!

What have you told yourself about your purpose today? Have you even had that conversation? Today, like no other day, is the day of manifestation! Go ahead and tell yourself, “TODAY I WILL EXPERIENCE MANIFESTATION”, and it will happen because today, you’re not going to STOP.

Life throws many opportunites our way, I know it does, but we have the power within to overcome every obstacle. Your mindset will set the path; your emotions will present the detours; your conversation will often lead you to a dead end – and still we DON’T STOP!

No matter how slow the steps may be, or the opportunities for change that present – DON’T STOP!


BEGIN Today!

You, yes, YOU, are equipped to succeed! In my journey of becoming, I realized that instead of moving forward as I was led to do, I was always waiting for someone to support me or validate me – which generally left me stuck.

I took the time to review my path, make the needed re-alignment, and embraced a renewed mindset in my life, marriage, ministry, and business; an exponential increase happened suddenly! What I experienced can happen for YOU as well. 

Today, we are no longer waiting for the “right” moment or the “right” supporters; we are going to move forward and live on purpose!  The wait is over; BEGIN Today!