Can I Get a Refill

Greetings to each of you! I am hopeful that you’re having a purposeful day, with plans for an intentional future. Today, I’m sharing my personal lament! I need a REFILL! I know someone is saying, “Valerie, you’re not alone”, while others may be chuckling at the thought. Trust me, it doesn’t matter what side of the coin you’re on, this is real.

As a counselor and leader, I’ve discovered over the past few weeks that I needed to see my counselor too. I had worked myself empty emotionally and mentally. I was a mess! One might ask, “Valerie, what was the issue?”, good question. What I discovered is I had isolated myself as a coping mechanism in the grief process. I was “staying busy” with tasks not assignments. I wasn’t sleeping properly, eating properly, and operating often as if I were an island. I needed a refill.

I sought help, I talked loud, I prayed, and I listened and came to terms with my emptiness, and got what I needed. Have you ever found yourself in this place? Knowing that something is missing, yet you don’t pause to assess and realign. Let me encourage you to change that behavior. Suppressing our emotions is often a fuel to feed anxiety and depression, and we don’t want that. We should all desire to live a life as free and intentional as possible. I got my refill with aid from my trusted circle and want to extend to those who may be hurting, an opportunity for you to get your refill too.

Let’s prepare for the new year with a new mindset concerning self-care and self-worth. Let’s move forward with understanding our emotional intelligence. Let’s decide today that we are WORTH whatever it takes to get what’s needed for our best lives, and championing our efforts like never before. If you need a refill, I’ve got some fuel!

Published by Valerie Burrell, Coach & Counselor

As a Coach and Counselor, I'm excited to aid you in getting all that life has for you according to God's plan. I am Empowered to Empower Others!

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